Monday, May 4, 2009

Sound Dampining

During your time involved into car audio the more extravagant and bigger your system becomes you will start to begin to notice a lot of vibration and rattles immerge. There are many ways to fix this rattle and vibration one of the most common ways to take care of this is a product called Dynamat. Dynamat is a very simple to use sound dampener that you can install into you truck area or wherever your speakers are installed.If your installing the mats the best way to get it right the first time and not have to worry about it again would be to take everything out of the area were you are installing it, say your installing it in your trunk remove all your inside plastic panels and carpet and then install the Dynamat then put everything back in making sure its secure. There is also the Dynamat Spray products that you can use it basically the same concept as using the mats but a little harder to install cause it being a spray you would need some type of spray gun to apply. After you decide that you want the rattles out of your vehicle and put in the time to install any of these products or the many others out there you will notice less distortion and rattles coming from your vehicle.

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