Friday, May 1, 2009

First Things you will need to know

The first stop on the road to a louder car stereo system is to find the right head unit, otherwise known as a Head unit or CD Player. Some players are nothing more than a dash mounted single disc stereo with an FM tuner. Others are more elaborate with a dash mounted control head, Built in DVD players, Touch screen panels and a ten disc changer mounted in the trunk. Any of these can be bought at your local department stores, audio stores or an online audio outlet website.

- Next, you'll need some speakers to go along with the CD player. A set of four speakers, is the best way to go with two speakers to the front of the car and two in the back deck. Generally speaking, the speakers in the back of the car are larger than those to the front, and easier to install. Could also consider using Tweeters for a more high pitch clarity. There are many types of speakers you can run with in the front and rear of your vehicle myself i use a component set in the front of my car and basic 6 1/4 2 ways in the rear of my car, but each person have different sound tastes as i like to say.

- After you have your system installed, you'll probably decide it still isn't loud enough. That's where a good amplifier comes in. The amp takes the audio signal from the CD player and boosts the signal going to the speakers. When you're shopping for an amp, make sure the speakers you bought can handle the wattage rating of the amplifier. You'll want to mount your amp somewhere out of the way to keep it from getting damaged. The trunk is usually a good place, or under the seat also if you have the extra money to spend you can also go a little crazy and have custom Amp and speaker enclosures made with various types of wood, metals, and fiberglass with neon’s or anything else you can think up to put in there. Another thing to think about but you'll have to have long enough audio cables to reach back to the head and heavy duty speaker wire to reach back to the speakers.

- While you're at it, why not install sub woofers as well. They will reproduce the bass sounds from your stereo with much more clarity, and volume, than the four speakers in the car combined. Now that you have all of this audio equipment installed, you need to keep thieves from uninstalling it. Car alarm systems are affordable and can be purchased at the same store you bought your CD player. They are relatively easy to install and well worth the money for what you have invested in your audio equipment.

All of this equipment is made by various manufacturers such as Sony, Kenwood, JVC, Panasonic, Pioneer, Alpine, Earthquake, Fusion, and Bose. Before you spend any money on audio equipment, you may want to do some research to find out what system is best for you. Ask some friends, read online product reviews or find a car audio forum on the internet and get some opinions there. That way you'll be sure to get the sound system you want and feel assured you got the most for you money..

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