Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A closer Look at Shopping for CD players

Once you have a rough idea, or some brands of CD players you might want to purchase, the next thing to look at would be what type of features you want to have in the unit. Todays units have so many options I could write for hours on the subject however I’m just going to list a few of them. Keep in mind the possibilities are unlimited.

To begin you need to decide which type of CD player you want. Do you want a basic CD player or a MP3 player or maybe even a DVD player? The one good thing is that most of the CD players you buy are CD/MP3 players. Its nice having the MP3 capabilities for long rides since a regular CD on hold 13-17 songs while MP3’s can hold up to 150 songs.

If you decide to add a DVD player to your car there are several options. One option would be to buy a stand-alone DVD player unit and a small screen. This option works extremely well if you have children in the car, giving them something to watch instead of asking “Are we there yet?” every 5 minutes. The other option you have is buying a CD/MP3/DVD player all-in-one unit that installs just like a normal radio (a few extra components are needed with each one of these types of installs). Basically it has a built-in TV projected out of the unit upwards where you can control all the aspects of the unit either by the unit controls or remote. Some of the newer units even have touch screen capabilities.

After you have that decided it's time to look more into the features and other aspects of the units, the one specific thing to look for in buying a new unit is how many sets of RCA jacks are in the back of the unit. The RCA jacks are what supplies your amplifier with the signal from the radio. It then amplifies and sends the signal through your subwoofers or regular speakers on your car. Another aspect to look for is how much control you have over the final sound quality, all units come with the ability to control the bass, treble, fade (from left to right) and the balance from front to rear. Others have more tweaking options which may include equalizer options, different filters options (like hi pass and low pass), subwoofers options, hands-free cell phone options and even GPS controls.

The final things you can look for in choosing the right unit would definitely be ease of use. Are all the options located conveniently for you? One other thing I look for personally is the overall look of the unit itself. Does it have plenty of colors and graphics on the screen? I like CD players that have screensavers and different changeable graphics but everyone has their own taste.

Either way you look at it, looking into some of these options and knowing what you want from a unit ,will make your driving experience more worth while every time you get into your car.

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